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Adopt One Hectare

All in our daily activity, leave a carbon footprint that contributes negatively to global warming and the conservation consequences that implies.

A responsible way to compensate our carbon footprint is by contributing to the sustainability of forests, which consume the carbon that we have generated.

The Orchids Reserve is made up of 200 hectares of forest that need to be preserved over time. New trees, that help recuperate stripped areas, are also needed. Conservation comes at a price tag, so we have created the Adopt a hectare plan, that makes it possible for everyone to adopt the area needed to offset their carbon footprint.

The Orchids Reserve puts the possibility of compensating the planet for your carbon footprint in your hands. Contributing, at the same time, to the conservation of forests and their inhabitants. We invite you to take a look at your personal carbon footprint and to become a patron of our forest.

One hectare of cloud forest in the Colombian tropics can compensate an average of 4 tons of CO2 per year.

In addition to offsetting your carbon footprint, you would help protect all of its inhabitants, conserve orchids and help save endangered three species found in this forest.

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