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Orchids Reserve

The Colombian Orchid Society, after fifty years of working for the conservation of orchids, has made the protection of ecosystems one of its priorities. To prevent further losses in the species, the Society purchased a property of 200 hectares in the municipality of Jardín to dedicate it to the protection and conservation of orchids.

Orchids are natural indicators of forest’s health.Orchids are intrinsically connected to water, trees, pollinators and a great number of animal species, some of which are highly vulnerable.It’s a priority of the Colombian Orchid Society to preserve their habitat and that of all the botanical species and animals that are part of it..

Data Sheet

Location: Municipality of Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia.

Access Coordinates: 5°34’10 N  75°45’31.74 W

Area: 200 hectares

Height: 2470 a 3140 meters above sea level.